Hi, I am Pat.

II'm a wife, a mom of 3 wonderful girls and 2 messy dogs. I'm Brazilian and I have visited and lived in several different cities, states and countries. I'm currently based in Memphis, TN.

My day should have at least 36 hours to fit everything that I want to do that day.

Changes are always welcomed and I'm a free spirited person.

I live for new experiences and learning new things: I have worked in the corporate world as Human Resources Executive, I was once a chef and owned a restaurant, and photography was always in my life somehow.

I hate routine and I'm super stubborn on the things that I set my mind on. My friends mean the world to me and I tend to cultivate my friendships forever.

My photographic style is emotive, vibrant, more true to color but as I told you before, I don't like routine so I might change it a little bit when the image asks for something different, or just for fun. My heart dances when I capture genuine emotion and connection...and I would love to capture the moments that you want to remember forever.

There! You already know a lot about me, now I can' t wait to get to know you!!